70.3 Race Nutrition with Pro Triathlete Stephanie Roy

August 16, 2018

We sat down with pro triathlete Stephanie Roy to talk nutrition!


"Nutrition really is the 4th discipline of triathlon! Nutrition can be as much of an afterthought to some athletes whereas for others it can be one of the biggest challenges. Nutrition is in fact the energy source that allows us to surpass ourselves day after day, push our limits and attain higher performance levels. I can bet that many of you have experienced the feeling of hunger during training and did not appreciate this experience. Our bodies lack the energy to fuel our working muscles and our brains lack the energy to provide the motivation to keep moving. This is where eating prior to and during training comes together. We must prepare our bodies to “suffer” and provide it with enough energy to maintain a high level of both physical and mental work. Post-training nutrition is also as important in order to repair muscle damage and to restore glycogen stores."



"I consider race day nutrition to be unique to everyone and a very individual thing. As far as I’m concerned, I have the habit of eating a big breakfast several hours before the start of the race. During a 70.3, I am a sugar junkie! I take 1 gel (Rekarb) 30 minutes before the start. Afterwards, all of my nutrition happens on my bike as I don’t eat during the run. During the bike, I take 5 Rekarb gels. I also drink EFS (First Endurance) to top off the calories and get my electrolytes."


"For a triathlete, it is essential to always be well hydrated during training as well as outside of training. During both my trainings and competitions, I use First Endurance products, especially the EFS and EFS Pro. I consider these products of a high quality that provide the necessary electrolytes and allow me to keep a constant level of energy over time.



Most triathletes believe they know what is good for them and believe they have the skills to determine the nutrients they should be eating. However, the many hours of training and energy demand of our endurance sport is enormous, hence the importance of ensuring the right kind of fuel for our metabolism.

The important thing is to find what works for you by trial and error - there is no miracle recipe that works for everyone! Sport nutritionists are great resources to help us find balance in all of this."

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