Sommer Cunningham


Registered Massage Therapist.

The accomplishment you are most proud of:
My babies and Ironman Canada 2015 (my first Ironman!).

Your go-to pre-race meal or ritual:
Boiled potatoes with butter, avocado & salt! Yum!

Favourite quote:
It never gets easier, you just get better.

Tell us something fun about yourself!:
I am a mom to two amazing daughters. Our favourite sport is our night-time flashlight dance parties in the living room!

What 2018 races/events can we find you at?
First Half Marathon, Birch Bay Road Race, BMO Vancouver Marathon, North Shore Triathlon, Victoria 70.3, Lake Whatcom Triathlon, Whistler 70.3/140.6 (depending!), Kelowna Apple Triathlon, Cultus Lake Triathlon, Vancouver Triathlon...etc...

Why Brava?
It is an honour to support a company made up by amazing Canadian women who design not only a beautiful product, but a quality product that I am proud to wear and happy to share. I was instantly intrigued by the striking designs. Love this home grown company!

Your favourite Brava product and why?
The aero jersey. Simply the best cycling jersey I have ever owned. I have a LOT!! It's perfectly designed with just the right amount of compression without the sausage-feel. Especially love the design!