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Our Story

In 2014, after a few years of accumulating countless kilometers swimming, cycling and running, we registered for our first IRONMAN together. The experience of a triathlon doesn’t begin at the start line, but rather at the first training. Each day, we woke up with an objective in mind, and in our hearts.

We spent many of those hours training together. But also dreaming about more comfortable, flattering and fashion-forward triathlon clothes. We asked ourselves why we couldn’t find anything that fit right, was technical and featured bold, feminine prints.

Considering the long hours we spend in triathlon clothes, comfort and style are essential. We were tired of accepting compromises.

BRAVA was born during these training sessions. What was once a dream is now a reality. Is it the finish line? Not at all. It’s our start line and it’s with you we wish to share this journey. We are two passionate triathletes ; BRAVA is our community.


More than simply
a passion!

Stephanie Jamain is well-known in the world of triathlon in Quebec and Canada thanks to her active participation in the sport and her expertise in sports nutrition. As a sports nutritionist, she supports many athletes in this "4th discipline of triathlon" and is currently working on a research project on the body composition of triathletes as part of a master's degree in sports nutrition.

Jacinthe Lachapelle has been involved in the field of triathlon for the past 8 years, notably implicated at the core of triathlon clubs. Her perseverance and discipline naturally led her to long distance triathlons. Jacinthe has a solid background in marketing and a contagious passion.