Katrina Brightling


Operations Director.

The accomplishment you are most proud of:
Completing Ironman Lake Placid.

Your go-to pre-race meal or ritual:
Cinnamon Raisin Bagle + Peanut Butter & Honey + Banana.

Favourite quote:
Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.

Tell us something fun about yourself!:
I'm trying to travel to 40 countries before i'm 40!

What 2018 races/events can we find you at?
Toronto Marathon; Challenge Championship, Slovakia; IM70.3 Mon Tremblant; IM Mont Tremblant.

Why Brava?
Their dedication to empowering women through sport is an initiative I feel strongly about Plus, the attention to detail and commitment to quality in their entire product line is impressive. Training and racing are awesome, but made even better when you feel strong, confident (and a little bad ass) in your kit!

Your favourite Brava product and why?
Tough! I love my Floral tri kit + trucker hat.