Amber Wanless


Art Dealer.

The accomplishment you are most proud of:
Winning my age group at Ironman Los Cabos. Not only was winning it and qualifying for Kona a dream come true, I was there with my mom too. To share that experience with her, to see her at the finish line and say "mom, I think I won", was an experience I'll never forget and I couldn't imagine anyone I would rather share that with. Standing on top of the podium and seeing her proud, smiling face in the crowd beaming back at me was the accomplishment I'm the most proud of.

Your go-to pre-race meal or ritual:
Fave pre-race meal: peanut butter & raspberry jam on a bagel!

Favourite quote:
Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” ― Kevin Durant

Tell us something fun about yourself!:
Before I found triathlon the only swimming I did was across the pool to the bar for a pina colada.

What 2018 races/events can we find you at?
Boston Marathon
Couer d'Alene 70.3 Ironman
Whistler 70.3 Ironman
Super League Triathlon - Penticton, BC
Grizzly 50km ultra trail run - Canmore, AB.

Why Brava?
I'm proud and excited to be represent a Canadian brand, founded by two fierce and passionate ladies who just happen to be badass Canadian triathletes too! It's an honour to be associated with a company who designs, creates, and makes their gear in Canada, for Canadian women, and who also strive to empower women in their sport. BRAVA!

Your favourite Brava product and why?
Not sure yet but pretty excited about it!